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IVsystems Momentum Strategy E-Book + Video Lessons + Codes

  • If you have been struggling with trading and feel like you are stuck because you keep making a little money and then losing it all and even more....again and again...then this is the information that will turn things around for you. This is the information that turned things around for me and countless other traders.

  • Even if you are just starting out trading and don't quite know where to begin, then this is the info that will lay it all out for you and make sure you avoid some of the early painful and costly mistakes that traders make. You will get a complete Trading Strategy that will put you ahead of 90% of retail traders... how? Because you will actually know what you are doing! 

           Part One: Momentum Day Trading

  • How To Understand The Big Picture: I show you how to tell whats going on behind the price action. This is extremely important because this is the info you need so you can know what direction to trade in. Once you know how to do this, you will never be on the wrong side of the market again and you will start trading with the wind at your back.

  • How To Find Your Trades: No more expensive software or newsletter subscriptions or spending hours going through long lists of stocks. I will show you how to find the stocks that are about to make major moves in just 3 clicks of a mouse.

  • How To Execute Your Trades: Timing is everything. Even after you find a potential runner you will have to know when is the right time to get in. I will show you how to get in when momentum is just about to move in your direction!

  • How To Set Your Stop Loss & Profit Targets: There is no point in finding a great trade that is setup to rip higher if you don’t know how to protect yourself and where to take profits. You will learn a simple effective way to set stops and targets.

  • Day Trading Options: You will find out how to always pick the right expiration and strike price and you will see one little trick that will help you to always stay within “striking distance” to limit the impact of time decay and increase the chances of making a profitable trade. You will also learn how to set your stops & targets on the Options (only 1 in 10 traders know how to do this properly and you are about to be one of them!

       Part Two: Momentum Swing Trading

The Swing Trading Approach Is Ideal If You Work 9-5 or Just Don’t Have The Time To Watch The Market During The Days. Very Powerful Stuff. You will learn: 

  • How To Assess The Big Picture: Similar to what you would do in Part 1 but it goes a bit deeper. Amazing information to keep you on the right side of every trend.

  • How To Find Your Trades: Swing Trading is a totally different beast from Day Trading & the stocks that are getting ready to run are found in a totally different place. I will show you how to find these stocks quickly and easily. This process will cut your research time by 90%!!

  • How To Execute Your Trades: Swing trading is all about being able to ride the big profitable trends. You will learn how to hop on at the right time and hold on for maximum profits. If you have ever struggled to hold onto your winners well this will fix that!

  • How To Set Your Stops & Targets: Setting stops and targets when you are riding big momentum moves can be a little complex. But you will learn one simple & very, very effective way to set your stops and targets at optimal levels.

  • Swing Trading Options: Using Options is perhaps the best way to make money from the big momentum moves that you will find with this strategy. Just like with Day Trading Options, you are going to find out how to always pick the right strikes and expiration. And that same little trick that helps you stay within the “striking range” will also be extremely valuable. But the big difference here is that when you swing trade you need to know how to price your options. You are going to learn a fast and simple way to tell if your Options contracts are fairly priced or expensive. This little trick will help you see the Options market the way the Market Makers see it and you will make better trades because of it! 

Part Three: Account Management, Position Sizing & Risk Management

  • Taking A Systematic Approach: Your days of firing off wild trades and figuring out your position size and stop loss on the fly are over. You are going to see how to set up maximum trade sizes and maximum loss levels based on your account size. You will also learn how to set up your account management in such a way that it runs like a well oiled machine and your only job is to find trades and feed to the machine. This is the exact same set of rules that are programed into some of the most profitable algorithmic trading programs in existence today. I have built a few of these programs over the years and have consulted on many more. And you will get all this info! 

             Part Four: Get Your Mind Right

  • How To Think Like A Trader: The trading losses & the disappointment and depression that you are probably experiencing right now are most likely due to the fact that you are not thinking the right way. You are probably still thinking like an amateur…like a sheep. Well you are about to learn a simple 3 step process that will help turn around your thinking and have you approaching the market like a wolf and no longer a sheep. There is no point in having a killer strategy if you are not going to think like a killer.

I look forward to working with you!

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  • Get Instant access to: The Momentum Strategy Ebook + The Momentum Strategy Video + The Trading Decision Making Matrix+The Scripts & Codes that I use+ Full support by email or phone + my 100% Money Back Guarantee!


IVsystems Momentum Strategy E-Book + Video Lessons + Codes

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